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1-Cancer cells are rogue clones. List and describe three mutations that allow these cells to escape the normal restrictions placed on our body’s cells.

2- There are many actions that you can take to improve your lifestyle and reduce your risk of developing cancer. How can you take an active role in cancer prevention?

3- Harry is diagnosed with prostate cancer. What are some questions that he should ask his doctor? Why should he ask those questions?

4- Why are metastatic cancers so difficult to treat?

5- Which theory is more popularly used to explain metastasis today? Give some examples of metastatic cancers that spread according to each theory.

6- What are some other ways that we can use to treat metastatic cancers?

7- How man nucleotides do cells need to copy each time a cell divides to create a daughter cell?

8- How many mistakes do the enzymatic proteins that copy DNA make every time your DNA is copied?

9- Why is a giraffe’s tongue black?

10- The Biological Auto-correct Features of DNA Replication and Mitosis catches over 99% of it’s mistakes. What can develop after the accumulation of multiple mistakes and mutations?

11- Why do bats live roughly 10 times longer than mice even when mice are living in a lab or under ideal living conditions?

12- Why was the life expectancy average so much lower hundreds of years ago?
13- What are your thoughts on the idea that all the somatic cells that make up our bodies are simply tools that DNA or our sex cells use to reproduce?

14- List all six vitamins highlighted in the video and the role of each in the body.

15- How many fruits and vegetables do you eat in a day? Use Google to determine- How many servings of fruits and vegetables a day do you need for optimal health? How does this compare to your current intake of fruits and vegetables?

16- Take some time to read and research some great information about vitamins in the dig deeper section and answer this question- Do we need to take vitamin supplements for optimal health or are we wasting money on vitamin pills? In a 2-3 paragraphs explain if and when a person might need a vitamin supplement and when it might be a waste of money or even be harmful to your health.

17- At the bottom of the dig deeper section there is a link to a cool graphic from information is beautiful. Discover the scientific evidence for popular dietary supplements and Describe 5 supplements that might improve your health and vitality.

18- Notes from 3 Doctors Debate- https://allaplusessays.com/order

19- List the Six Standard Types of Nutrients.

20- List the seventh type of nutrient that research is discovering and where are these biologically active compounds found?

21- What does nutrient density quantify?

22- List at 5 Nutrient Dense Foods-that you eat or hope to eat more often. And list 5 Non-nutrient Dense Foods should be limited for optimal nutrition?

23- Why is eating nutrient dense foods important? How can eating nutrient dense foods help improve and maintain health, longevity, and a high quality of life?

24- The American diet is said to be increasingly energy-rich but nutrient-poor. Use the links you find in the Dig Deeper section to type a complete paragraph on how a person can be overweight but undernourished, and how going back to the basics with nutrient dense foods can improve the health of many Americans.

25- How many more cells from microbial organisms are in and on our body than human cells?

26- Where do our microbiomes come from?

27- Every person’s microbiome is as unique as a fingerprint but are similar to those who we are closest to. Why do you think our overall mix of microbes resembles that of our parents, siblings, friends, and even pets?
28-Many different species of microbes have adapted to the many different habitats or ecosystems in and on our bodies. What is the biggest, most complex, and most important human microbiome habitat and why?
29-Scientists have determined that one of the many reasons developed countries struggle with diseases of affluence (type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diesase, asthma, allergies, and depression) is because our gut flora or microbiome is less diverse than people in less developed countries. List some of the reasons why this might be the case.

30- How to reduce food waste and your foodprint homework assignment.


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