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Assignment 1

In management it is very often necessary to make presentations to groups whether in training employees, presenting to teams especially in different locales, and presenting ideas, concepts, plans and results to management. As a competent present or future leader you may often need to create an audiovisual presentation which is considered a valued skill by employers. In this Assignment you have an opportunity to aggregate your learning regarding FRLD concepts to a company of your choice in a presentation to the Board of Directors.

In this Assignment you will prepare a PowerPoint with audio presentation.

Using the concepts you discussed in your previous team discussion, prepare a PowerPoint with audio presentation with notes below the slides to explain your recommendations for the Board of Directors (BoD) regarding the use of specific FRLD behaviors to increase overall organizational effectiveness.

Choose a Fortune 500 Company for this Assignment.


  • Select 3 external environmental factors from the list below:
    • Economic
    • Sociocultural
    • Global
    • Technological
    • Political/legal
    • Demographic
    • Competitors
    • Industry (e.g., power of suppliers/buyers, product/service substitutes, threat of new entrants, intensity of rivalries)
  • Identify a trend for each of the chosen 3 external environmental factors for a total of 3 relevant trends.

  • Explain the opportunities and threatsby conducting a partial SWOT analysis regarding your chosen environmental factor trends.

  • For each of the external environmental factors chosen from above, identify specific FRLD behaviors to help shape or adapt to the trends you identified.

  • Develop recommendations for the Board of Directors regarding the use of specific FRLD behaviors to:
    • Support or enhance strategic initiatives
    • Drive innovation processes in support of “big data”
    • Shape or adapt to the external environmental trends you identified

Assignment Power Point Presentation with audio and notes:

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with audio (15–18 slides not including the required title and references slides) for the Board of Directors regarding the use of specific FRLD behaviors to increase the overall organizational effectiveness. Put any notes explaining each major point below each slide in the notes section.


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