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Case study
Please this needs to be a case study with a reflective component. Present this assessment as a case study with a reflective component. You may use subheadings within your assessment (no bullet points, graphs, or lists). This assessment requires 1800-word limit (minimum), Please note that reference list is not included in word count. APA 7th edition style referencing, at least minimum nine (9) academic references to support this case study. All need to be in Australian writing and Australia review. Make sure you read all the instructions carefully and review the rubric. NO plagiarism
Assessment details:
You are required to interview a person who has experienced a health challenge or who is engaging in behaviours that may negatively affect their health – this could be a consumer in the healthcare context or a person in the community. Present your assessment as a case study with a reflective component. You may use subheadings within your assessment (no bullet points, graphs or lists).
Your submission should address the following:
· Provide a brief overview of the Transtheoretical ‘stages of change’ Model
· Identify the person’s health challenge or behaviour and explore the person’s motivation to address their health challenge or behaviour using the Transtheoretical Model
· Explore the techniques you have used in your motivational interview towards discussing the person’s health challenge or behaviours.
· Evaluate your progress – consider the impact of the motivational interview on the interviewee’s choices regarding their health challenge or behaviour.
· Provide an in-depth reflection of your learning and development in conducting this activity and consider how you might develop your interpersonal and communication skills in your future practice.
Addresses learning outcomes:
1. Identify and use strategies to maintain the integrity of self and personal pliancy through intra and interaction with people in healthcare practice
2. Demonstrate independence in developing interpersonal communication skills
3. Demonstrate advanced critical professional reflective practice
Note: I’m expecting high distinction from this
Criteria: This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeOutline the stages of change
Explanation of the transtheoretical ‘stages of change’ model: (Excellent overview of the transtheoretical model that identifies the recognised stages.)
Criteria: This criterion is linked to a learning outcome Overview of health challenge
Description of the interviewee’s health challenge or behaviour and analyses where the interviewee fits in the transtheoretical model in relation to addressing their health challenge althcare challenge behaviour: (Excellent articulation of the interviewee’s health challenge or behaviour that is presented in a scholarly manner. Clear articulation of the interviewee’s appropriate stage in the transtheoretical model.)
Criteria: This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeTechniques used
Discussion of the techniques used to help the person address their health challenge or behaviour, and critical analysis on the efficacy of the techniques utilised:(Excellent discussion of the motivational techniques and communication skills used in exploring the interviewee’s motivation to change. This discussion is approached in a scholarly manner. With excellent evidence of critical analysis of the efficacy of the techniques utilised.)
Criteria: This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeEvaluation
Evaluates the likely outcome related to the impact of the motivational interview on the interviewee’s choices regarding addressing their healthcare challenge behaviour: (Excellent discussion of the likely outcomes of the conversation, including recognising and outlining any changes in the interviewee’s stage in the transtheoretical model. This is presented in a thoughtful and scholarly manner.)
Criteria: This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeReflection
Provides an in-depth reflection: (Excellent evidence of deep and purposeful reflection within the submission, the student shares insights into their learning and development as a result of the Motivational Interview and provides recommendations to develop their interpersonal / communication capabilities for the future.)
Criteria: This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeScholarly approach
Follows conventional academic writing style including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. Appropriate formatting adhered to with the structure including introduction, body and conclusion and word limit is adhered to: (Excellent standard of academic writing with correct grammar, writing, spelling and syntax. Excellent structure and articulation of ideas within the assessment that reflects assessment instructions. Final word count is within + or- 10 % of required word count.)
Criteria: This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeReferences
Utilised and appropriately referenced at least nine (9) sources using the APA 7th edition referencing style:(Excellent use of literature to support this assessment. This includes high-quality peer-reviewed sources. References and reference list adheres to APA 7th edition referencing with no errors or unsupported claims in the assessment)

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