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Chapter 3: Perception
1. What is the difference between top-down and bottom-up processing
2. Give an example of bottom-up processing
3. Give an example of top-down processing
4. What is the difference in perspectives of top-down and bottom-up processing experience of pain?
5. What is unconscious inference?
6. Explain Gestalt laws of perceptual organization
7. What is the inverse projection problem?
8. The textbook discusses four approaches to object perception (describe each):
a) Helmholtz’s unconscious inference
b) Gestalt laws of perceptual organization
c) Regularities in the environment
d) Bayesian inference
9. Describe the differences between “what” and “where” pathway
10. What is “experience dependent plasticity”?
Chapter 4: Attention
1. What are the results of the dichotic listening experiments?
2. Explain Broadbent’s filter model (Draw out the model and explain each part)
3. Findings of “Dear Aunt Jane” experiment. This experiment makes it hard to explain Broadbent’s filter model, why? How does Treisman’s attenuator model come in to explain the study?
4. Differences between early and late selection model.
5. Explain the relationship between cognitive load and selective attention.
6. What is the Stroop Effect?
7. Explain the differences between overt visual attention.
8. What is the difference between “inattentional blindness” and “change blindness?
9. Describe prosopagnosia
10. Describe unilateral neglect
11. Describe balint’s syndrome
12. What is Feature integration theory? How does it help explain balint’s syndrome?
Chapter 5: Short-Term & Working Memory
1. Explain the difference between sensory memory and short-term memory.
2. What is iconic memory
3. What is echoic memory
4. Limitations of short term memory and sensory memory
5. What is proactive interference?
6. What is retroactive interference?
7. What is the difference between the theory of forgetting and the theory of decay due to interference?
8. What are the differences and similarities between working memory and short term memory?
9. What is the phonological loop in the working memory? Name some tasks that can be performed by the phonological loop.
10. Do the same with visuospatial sketchpad.
11. What is articulatory suppression?
12. Describe the functions of the central executive in the working memory.
13. Explain the research with the monkeys. What were the researchers findings?

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