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Discuss with your principal mentor/school leader and district financial adminstrators the following:

The current school budget-
The school’s budget operates out of two funds- general attachment and Title 1. In our district, general allotment is handled at the district level. After salaries are paid, school get a small allotment to run the schools. It totals in the amount of around $10,000 for the full year. Title one has a budget of @ $90,000 that all goes to salaries and benefits.

The proportion of the total expenditures at the school (including salaries) that the school may allocate without approval by the district.
The only funds that we may allocate without approval of the district is money that is fundraised through the school.

The discretion the school has over the amounts and purposes of school-level spending within the monies allocated to the school
The school has guidelines that we have to follow when spending, however, I have a lot of discretion on what I can spend monies on just as long as they stay in the guideline of the board policies.

District, school, and union contract policies that define the processes and purposes of local budgeting
This information would be on the school board’s website: tangischools.org

Who needs to be involved in budget-making and budget management, and the nature of that involvement (including if, how, and when members of the school community, including parents, are provided with information about the amounts and purposes of expenditures)
For general allotment funds, just the principal and the sponsor that the money goes to.

For title 1 funds, principal and the SIP.

How politics affects the budget-making process and how productive consensus is achieved
o Is does not a the district level but it may at the state level. Check Website Louisiana Believes

The purposes and amounts of income and expenditures in the current school budget
o Everything in anchored in the vision and the school improvement plan.

The criteria or principles, if any, that are used in making allocation decisions
o Decisions made on need and data fund in the SIP

The development and/or management issues, if any, that have been contested during the budget-making process; differences in priorities and procedures, if any, and which stakeholders in the school took different positions (if there were conflicts, how were they resolved?)
o None; everything is done on the district level.

The extent to which the priorities reflected in the budget align with stated school goals for student learning
o Everything aligns to the student achievement

How technology is used to facilitate budget-making, budget management, and maintaining accurate fiscal records
o Everything is managed through a sign technology program that is purchased through the district

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