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Respond to at least one of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways: 5 sentences and a question pertaining to the bullets below

  • Compare your academic goals and vision for positive social change to those of your colleague.
  • Share an additional insight on how Walden’s vision and mission can help your colleague achieve his or her academic goals.
  • Share additional insight on how attending residency
    can help your colleague achieve his or her vision for positive social
  • Offer a suggestion to help your colleague realize his or her academic goals and vision for social change.

My vision for positive Change is
really in line with the vision of Walden University in breaking it down
to my professional goal is to make an impact as a correctional Officer
to make an impact to the lives of the offenders to make a positive
change to their individual lives as a whole when in prison and when out
of prison as a professional criminal justice expert l will deploy my
work to the best of my ability and adhere to texas dept of criminal
justice policy as a whole and fully represent walden university as a
student of the instituted. Also to show to my collegues that we work
together as a social change representative of Walden University where
people will be willingly pressing to come and study. Also as my Academic
Goal is mainly to imoart the knowledge gain in Walden University to
deploy same to the young ones and elderly people around me in my day to
day activities.

In explaining how Walden University Vision and Mission statement can
help me achieve my goal is very simple is for me to continue doing thing
that are honourable and always making social change in any places l
find myself to always make it as my habit to also giving back to the
societies that change my lives postitively.

Lastly how Academic Residencies in particular can help me achieve my
goal. This is a very important part of this programme which is very
important to my development as criminal justice expert. it will give me
an avenue to network with my classmate share new ideas and meet new
people on the latest development in our industry also to meet my
professor to share from their wealth of Knowledge to impart new things l
need to know. This is going to be a great experience for me to broaden
my knowledge more and more.

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