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Your role is to act as an agency working on Thornton’s pitch (Full presentation uploaded).

The tasks are :

1. Set out clear understanding of the client brief and its KPIs

2. Set out how you would achieve these in terms of :

a. Understanding and key insights into the target audience related to b and 1

b. The marketing and business objectives contained in the brief

c. A marketing communications plan, including:

i. Strategy

ii. Rationale for communications idea and plan, including media choice

iii. Timing

iv. Means of measurement

d. Relate c back to KPIs

3. Rationale as to the selected marketing communications mix

4. Define and rationalise role of advertising as part of this mix

5. The work should be put together in form of a set of slides and full supporting documentation

6. Based upon presentation feedback on the appropriate day you, should then submit a final set of slides and accompanying 2000 word document covering why and how you have used this feedback to improve this final, submission

So first presentation should be done and presented, based on feedback report will be written.

The work should include:

Thorough and critical understanding of processes involved in effective campaign planning and the portfolio of management processes involved in this, including client business objectives and KPIs

Critical evidence of how creative ideas are developed and clear and effectively presented in fully justified marketing comms plan

Clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses of ideas developed, clearly and convincingly conveyed.

Appropriate choices made with logical and convincing arguments clearly matched to all aspects of the brief and background research. Clear and critical rationale on role of advertising

Clear, cohesive, professional presentation with excellent reference to client sources and models and theories.

Please use sources like Mintel, Warc and information from TGI. I can provide you with all passwords to those sources.

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