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examine the relationship between incarnation and atonement, focusing especially on Anselm’s idea of



You should use the following questions to evaluate the quality of the paper prior to submitting it for


1) ____I have addressed the stated research topic question. Include topic on paper.

2) ____I have formatted my paper using a 12-point font and double spacing.

3) ____I have met the minimum length of 1500 words.

4) ____I have checked my writing for all spelling and grammatical errors.

5) ____I have included the minimum number of four (4) required works cited, including class textbook.

6) ____I have properly formatted in MLA the title to my paper.

7) ____I have correctly spelled the instructor’s name on my paper.

8) ____I have properly formatted in MLA all of my works cited.

9) ____I have properly formatted in MLA a separate works cited page.

10) ____I have properly MLA-formatted parenthetical (in-text) references with work cited.

11) ____I have not included a reference work (dictionary/encyclopedia) in my works cited.

12) ____I have not cited a website without an .edu address.


Important Reminder: If the source is listed in your works cited, then the source needs to be used in the content of your paper.


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