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Your assignment for this learning plan is to write an article review about PERSONALITY DISORDER.. Your article should come from a professional journal or juried site.

1. Introduction - one paragraph

You may want to consider writing about one or more of the following in your introduction:

why you chose this article

how the topic relates to human relations issues

why you were interested in the article

2. Summary - 1 page

Summarize the article (what is it telling the reader?); be sure to focus on the main points or on the points most interesting to you; your summary must be focused and clear

3. Analysis/conclusion - 3+ paragraphs

Some aspects to think about:

Relate the article to psychological concepts we are covering in class.

What are your thoughts about the information in the article?

What is your reaction to the article?

Does the article relate to a personal experience?

Was the author biased?

Was the article lacking or incomplete in some way?

What did you think about the article? What information was interesting or important to you?

Why would you/would you not recommend this article to someone else?

Why is the article important? What did it teach you? What will you remember from it?

Bring your article review to a close at the end.

4. Remember to cite your source

To complete a thorough analysis of your article, the review will need to be at least three full pages long.

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