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This is an assignment that discusses on the Inequality in the professional Engineering sector. The paper also outlines the four main areas for coverage in this assignment.

Inequality in the professional Engineering sector


WORKING TITLE: Inequality in the professional Engineering sector

RESEARCH QUESTION: When will equal exist again in the professional engineering sector.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT: It will promote equal rights and opportunities for mankind, particularly in the professional engineering sector due to job satisfaction and career growth and advancement.

Thesis: The primary objective of this discussion is to address inequality in the professional engineering sector and when equality will exist again to ensure equal rights and opportunities for mankind.

BRIEF OUTLINE 4 MAIN AREAS AND SECONDARY AREAS TO BE COVERED: Ensure that you discuss all the  questions in each section and also broaden on your explanation of each section.

1. Introduction
I. Firstly, explain the primary reason why racism exists in engineering

ii.Secondly, the root problem that caused racism to exist in engineering

iii. Thirdly, the solution to improve equality

2. Engineering disadvantages
i. Firstly, explain the disadvantages of racism in engineering

ii. Then, the outcome of these disadvantages

iii. Lastly, the solution to prevent such outcomes

3. Racial fault
i. The shortcoming/fault of racism in engineering

ii.The problem that caused the fault to evolve

iii. the qualities that can eliminate or slow down the racist fault

4. Effective Equality
i. The effect of equality in engineering

ii. The way in which to implement equality in engineering

iii. The impact of equality in the engineering sector

This is the submission guidelines for this assignment:

The paper should be at least four pages long not including the introduction and also the reference page. APA format and style is the format required for submission of this assignment. Additionally, ensure that you include references for your sources. Lastly, the references should also follow the APA referencing guidelines.

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