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child, adolescent and family nursing

child, adolescent and family nursing

Further Information:
1. Word Limit: 3,000 (see individual tasks for word limits)
You must indicate the word count for your submission on the front page. Written
assignments must fall within a 10% range of the limit for each section. Your assignment
must not be shorter than 2,700 words and not longer than 3,300 words.
2. Submission Date: 13:59 on 2th May 2016
This assignment must be received by no later than the deadline date. Work cannot
be uploaded on Turnitin after the stated date and will receive a mark of zero (unless
an extension has been approved in advance of the deadline).
3. Extensions
Requests for short-term extensions will only be considered in the case of illness or
other cause considered valid by the Student Adviser. These must normally be received
and agreed by the Student Adviser in writing at least 24 hours prior to the deadline.
Please refer to the Academic Regulations or your Student Handbook for full details.
Module Title: Business Skills Module Code MOD003325
Academic Year: 2015/2016 Level: 4
Assessment Number: 1 (interim) Semester: 2
Module Leader: Weighting: 60%
Type of Assessments: Assignment Total Word Limit: 3,000
Assessed Learning Outcomes:
1 and 2
Additional Guidance:
You must complete all tasks and
submit your responses in a single
document, marked with your student
identification (SID) number(s) and
indicating the word count.
You must provide references where
appropriate, following Harvard style,
and include a bibliography.
Please note that this is an individual piece of work and collusion is not
tolerated. This means that all tasks must be written by you individually without
Task A: Report, 1250 words
Having delivered your presentation to Croft Gleeson Ltd, your Human Resources department have
asked you to write a report that details your findings.
The report should have the title:
Investment Opportunities in Social Media for Croft Gleeson Ltd
The report must follow a standard business report format, be professionally presented and include
the following sections:
• Cover Page
• Executive Summary (approx. 100 words)
• Table of Contents
• Introduction (approx.100-200 words)
• Findings and Analysis (approx. 1000 words)
• Conclusion (approx. 150-250 words)
• Reference List/Bibliography
• Appendices (only if required, this section is optional)
Key areas to cover in the Findings/Analysis section are:
Ø What is Social Media?
Ø What is the international picture of the industry like?
Ø What are the money making opportunities like in relation to the creation of a new social
media website?
Ø What are the potential costs involved in creating a website?
Ø What are the potential risks of investing in this type of opportunity?
Ø Do you advise on investing in the creation of a social media website? If so, you will need to
give details of the type of team that should be created and reasons why. If not, then you
must give a valid explanation of your reasoning.
Your appendices should include:
• Any charts or statistical data that you wish to include. Use a screen shot or the Snipping
Tool to incorporate this into your work if you use Excel or similar.
• Potential start-up calculations shown on a spreadsheet. Use a screen shot or the Snipping
Tool to incorporate this into your work.
Task B: Presentation Reflection, 500 words
The HR Manager at Croft Gleeson Ltd has asked you to discuss the challenges faced in working
together with other team members on building a presentation.
Write a brief 500 word reflection for the HR Manager under the following headings:
1. Division of Labour
2. Team Working Skills
3. Organisation
4. Delivery
In each section, describe the processes used and detail the difficulties or challenges that you feel
that you faced in completing the project.
Task C: Critical Essay, 1250 words
Using a standard essay format, write an essay on the following topic:
In the United Kingdom, men and women are treated equally in the workplace.”
Discuss this statement
• You must conduct suitable research using the reading list that your tutor will provide you
with. The reading list will be available on the MyARUL site.
• You must explain various arguments presented and analyse them using critical thinking skills
practiced in the module
• You must use Harvard referencing and provide a Bibliography listing the sources you have
• As this is an essay you should not use any subheadings
Marking Criteria
All tasks should be marked out of 100 separately and then the marks will receive the following
Task A: 40%
Task B: 20%
Task C: 40%
A spreadsheet will be provided to markers to automatically perform the calculations.
Each piece of work should exhibit qualities as below:
30-39% • The overall message is hard to follow or may lack focus.
• The point of the exercise has been missed
• Ideas are not developed beyond basic restatements.
• The work is lacking in organisation at any level
• Use of source materials is extremely limited or extremely excessive
use of direct quotations
• Little or no understanding of Harvard referencing
• Grammar and vocabulary errors make comprehension extremely
40-49% • The overall message is poorly developed or may deviate significantly
• Ideas are poorly developed with little analysis
• The organisation of paragraphs or sections does not help the readers
• Use of source materials is limited or excessive use of direct quotations
• Poor understanding of Harvard referencing; inconsistencies and errors
• Grammar and vocabulary errors cause strain to the reader
50-59% • The overall message can be followed but is not always clear or fluent
• Ideas begin to develop but lack critical insight
• The work is organised to a basic structure but may lack cohesion
• Adequate use of source material
• Adequate use of Harvard referencing
• Grammar and vocabulary errors exist but do not cause strain
• A technical and academic vocabulary can be seen emerging
60-69% • The overall message is clear
• Ideas begin to develop and critical analysis is applied
• The work is well structured, which aids the readers comprehension
• Good use of source material and source analysis
• Accurate use of Harvard referencing
• No notable grammar errors, low frequency vocabulary used
• A technical and academic vocabulary is demonstrated
70%+ • The overall message proliferates throughout and is clearly identifiable
• Ideas are adeptly developed and argued
• The structure of the work helps to deliver the overall point being
• Excellent use of numerous sources, which are analysed
• Flawless use of Harvard referencing
• No grammar or punctuation errors
• A broad technical and academic vocabulary is used to provide
Equality in the Workplace Reading List
Business Skills Final Assignment
Below are six items of suggested reading material that you may find useful in your
You should aim to use a minimum of five sources. You can conduct additional
research alongside those sources on the reading list.
1. Anon. 2008. Why Women Earn Less. Usa Today [online] Available through:
Anglia Ruskin University Library website <https://allaplusessays.com/order;
[Accessed 15th March 2016]
This item is available through the ARU Online Library
2. Burke, R, & Davidson, M. 2016. ‘Chapter 7: Women in Management in the
UK in Women in Management Worldwide. [ebook] Gower. Available through:
Anglia Ruskin University Library website <https://allaplusessays.com/order;
[Accessed 15th March 2016]
This item is available through the ARU Online Library
3. Farrell, W. 2005. Why Men Earn More [ebook] AMACOM books. Available
through: Anglia Ruskin University Library website <https://allaplusessays.com/order;
[Accessed 15th March 2016]
This item is available through the ARU Online Library
4. Jackson, J, Martinson, J, and Plunkett, J. 2016. BBC Breakfast seating bias
due to ‘misogyny, says ex-Countryfile host. The Guardian. [online] Available
at https://allaplusessays.com/order
[Accessed 16th March 2016]
This item is available online
5. The Economist. 2014. The glass-ceiling index. The Economist, [online]
Available at: <https://allaplusessays.com/order;
[Accessed 15 March
This item is available online
6. Sonofra, T. 2013. Dont Work For A Female Boss. Return of Kings. [online]
Available at <https://allaplusessays.com/order;
[Accessed 15 March 2016]
This item is avail

Assessment task 1 Assistance

The following is a guide to assist you in writing your essay.
Using the research, you have undertaken for your chosen scenario, discuss how the information will
guide evidenced based Australian Nursing practice. This should a reference to:
1. The pathophysiology of the presenting complaint in the scenario.
This section is science based and the expectation is that you have a pathophysiology text book and
scientific journal articles to discuss the science related to the presenting problem in your chosen
scenario. You should aim at 300-500 words for this section. The aim of this is that you attain
knowledge of what is happening at a cellular, organ and system level so that you understand the
presenting clinical manifestations
2. Evaluation of the nurses role in relation to nursing care of the child and family in the chosen
scenario; which should include a reference to:
i. growth and developmental theories,
This part of the assessment task is concerned with ensuring the essay has a child and adolescent
focus. Throughout the essay discussion, it is expected that you make reference to the childs
expected developmental milestones at that age, depending on which scenario you have chosen. It is
expected that growth and development research is undertaken for your chosen scenario and you
make reference to growth and developmental theories that you think are relevant in enhancing your
essay argument. Some ideas include things like, at what age do you include a child in medical related
conversation, how does a child/adolescent make decisions based on their developmental level, and
even through your pathophysiology, you can make mention of underdeveloped organ systems that
might influence your nursing care.
ii. developmentally appropriate care;
This part is a follow on from discussing the growth and developmental expected milestones of the
child and really focuses on how it influences your care. How does a nurse provide developmentally
appropriate care to the specific age presented in your scenario inclusive of the presenting complaint?
iii. family centred care and,
Neonatal/paediatric and adolescent nurses provide a family centred care model. It is important that
this is reflected in your essay and may bring forward issues of consent, compliance and child
presentation into care. How are siblings affecting, the role of the extended family, cultural influences
and whatever may be specific to the scenario.
iv. Reference to the hospitalised child and family.
This part follows on from the family centred care component where it is important to understand the
effects of a childs presentation to services particularly in a hospital setting on not only the child but
the whole family.
All of the above points should be in reference to how your nursing care will be guided in a paediatric
As a guide only I have provided the following general essay information.
The assessment task is 1600 words.
Paragraph and Essay Structure
An essay includes an introduction, body and conclusion.
1. The introduction should provide the reader with a framework for the essay and
what will be discussed. Sometimes its easier to write the introduction last or after you have
completed outlining what you will be discussing. (Approximately 100 words)
2. The pathophysiology as discussed above. (Approximately 300-500 words)
3. The body of the essay is the crux of your discussion and will consume the bulk of your words.
Your paragraph structure is important to note as follows:
? Each paragraph should have an introductory and concluding statement.
? Each paragraph should have a direct connection with the one prior and one after it.
This allows the essay to flow.
4. The conclusion should provide a summary of the key points presented in the essay.
(Approximately 100 words)
5. The definitions used in your essay should only use academic references (not online
6. It is important to note that this is an academic essay and should be written in the third person.
7. There are no minimum requirements for the number of sources you use however as a general
guideline an academic paper can have 1 source per hundred words.
8. In regards to the currency of the references, it is generally expected that sources are within 5
years published age. However, if you have sourced a reference that is older than this you must
demonstrate how it is relevant in your writing.
Finally defining what we mean by the following:
ANALYSIS What do the experts state regarding the topic? Here you present the research you
have undertaken and looking at different perspectives.
SYNTHESIS What connections can I make regarding the research into expert discussions
EVALUATION What conclusion do I come to after presenting the arguments based on my analysis
and synthesis?
Please refer to the rubric for more detailed information on the expectations for each criterion.
Thefollowmg pomtsmustbeaddressed intheessauforxourch osencasestud
Using the research, you have undertaken for your chosen scenario, discuss how the information
will guide evidenced based Australian Nursing practice. This should a reference to:
1. The pathophysiology of the presenting complaint in the scenario.
2. Evaluation of the nurses role in relation to nursing care of the child and family in the chosen
scenario; which should include a reference to:
i. growth and developmental theories,
ii. developmentally appropriate care;
iii. family centred care and,
iv. Reference to the hospitalised child and family.
Case Study 1
Case Study 3
Steven is a 15-year-old indigenous boy who lives in a remote town in rural Australia. Steven was diagnosed with Asthma at
the age of two. His asthma has been well managed over the years predominantly with relievers and preventers with the
occasional need for steroidal anti-inflammatortes.
Steven has presented to the local hospital complaining of shortness of breath and relays that he has a past history of asthma
to the triage nurse.
A health history taken by the nurse on arrival reveals that Steven has had a two-year history of smoking cigarettes and is not
always compliant with his asthma medication or management plan.
Steven lives with his mother and his 6 brothers and sisters.
NRSG257 Child, Adolescent and Family Nursing Unit Outline 201660 Page 15 of 19

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