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Hazard Mitigation Response Paper for W7 Instructions

Based on the instructions given to you in Week 1, at the end of Week 3, you will develop an outline and submit it to your instructor for approval, and comments.  Use the outline below as a guide and submit your work in the drop box below.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Outline

1. Introduction 

  • The community’s disaster history. 
  • What is mitigation and why is a mitigation plan necessary? 
  • How was the plan prepared? 
  • How did you obtain your information? 
  • The goals and objectives of the mitigation plan? 

2. Community and Hazard Exposure Profile (part 2 of the template) 

  • Community population 
  • Miles of roads 
  • Airports 
  • Manufacturing plants 
  • Military bases 
  • Hospitals 
  • Dams 
  • Schools 
  • Etc. 

3. List of possible community hazards (part 1 of the template). For each hazard discuss: 

  • Hazard description 
  • Impact on property 
  • Impact on safety and health 
  • Any other community considerations 

4. Hazard Vulnerability analysis and frequency chart (part 3 of the template) 

  • Explanation of a hazard vulnerability analysis 
  • Your chart or list matrix 

5. Your community’s capability assessment (part 4 of the worksheet) 

  • Community response capabilities 
  • Description of local law enforcement response capabilities (size, capability, etc.) 
  • Description of local fire agencies and response capabilities 
  • EMS capabilities, ambulance services, hospitals, etc. 
  • Physical resources 
  • Technical resources (example: early warning systems) 
  • Information resources (radio, TV, etc.) 
  • Financial resources (emergency funds in the community, grants, state funds, etc.) 

6. Recommended Mitigation Measures (part 5 of the template). For each measure include information such as: 

  • Description 
  • Objectives supported 
  • Who is responsible 
  • When must it be done 
  • Who can help 
  • Budget 

7. Conclusion 

  • Their overall assessment of response capabilities 
  • Their recommendations for implementing priority mitigation projects for the community 
  • Their overall assessment of the community’s vulnerability and response capabilities 

8. Any additional charts, graphs, illustrations, etc. 

  • They may include charts, graphs, and illustrations in the mitigation plan itself to assist with clarification and explanation. They must remember to include source citations if they copied items and/or for the information provided in the item if they created the chart or graph. 

9. Cover page and reference page 

  • The cover page and reference page must be included. Remember these pages are not to be counted as part of the seven (7) page minimum. 

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