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TCOs 2, 4, 5, 6) The idea that the assisted suicide of terminally ill patients should be allowed or = assisted for the greater happiness of all concerned reflects what type of ethics? (Points : 5)

  [removed] Aristotle's  Doctrine of the Mean
  [removed] Kant's Categorical Imperative (in the 2nd Formulation)
[removed] Thomas Aquinas's concept of conscience
 [removed] Rand's concept of self-interest
 [removed] Mill's Principle of Utility


Question 2.2. (TCOs 1, 2, 7) What is the moral ideal of compassion? (Points : 5)

       Acts of unmerited kindness
    [removed] Sentiment in response to t he suffering of others
   [removed] Acknowledging= the sufferings of others
  [removed] Acts of altruism
    [removed]Acts contrary to Objectivism

Question 3.3. ( TCOs 1, 2) One of the common errors in Ethics is unwarranted assumptions. Unwarranted assumptions consist of what? (Points : 5)

  [removed] Preconceptions before ethical dilemmas are confronted
      [removed] Failing to read carefully and with attention to detail

       Taking too much for granted

     [removed] Speculating apart from information
     [removed] Treating case studies carelessly

Question 4 .4. (TCO 2)  Prescriptive language is commonly used in ethics for what reason? (Points : 5)

       To indicate what is prohibited or impossible
       To indicate that one choice is better than others

    [removed] To show what actions are legal

      [removed] To convey requirements and obligations

     [removed]To indicate that there= are really no choices available 


Question 6= .6. (TCOs 2, 4, 9) "The right thing to do is to follow the rules that rational, self-interested people can agree to establish for their mutual benefit." This is a belief of what? (Points : 5)

     Ethical Egoism
     [removed] Utilitarianism

       Kant's Categorical Imperative
      [removed] Social Contract Theory

     [removed] Marxism

Question 7.7. (TCOs 3, 6)  Animals entience is demonstrated by all the following accept which one? (Points : 5)

      [removed] Consciousness
    [removed] Awareness

      [removed] Response to external painful stimuli

     [removed] Animatedness
       Emotive response


Question 8.8. (TCOs 3, 6, 7) Where in our course does the following phrase apply: “The only thing good without qualification is a good will”? (Points : 5)


      [removed] Personal habits of excellence according to Plato
       The social contract according to Locke

     [removed] Deontological ethics according to Mill
     ;[removed] Natural law ethics according to Aquinas
     [removed]Deontological ethics according to Kant



Question 9.9. (TCOs 8, 9) "We ought to d= o whatever will promote the greatest happiness for the greatest number." This is an example of what? (Points : 5)

      [removed] Ethical Egoism
      [removed] Utilitarianism
     [removed] Kant' s Categorical Imperative
      [removed]Social Contract Theory 


Question 10.10.  (TCOs 3, 6, 7) What is the purpose of proving whether a syllogism of formal logic is “valid”? (Points : 5)


      [removed] To identify the connecting phrase “therefore â � or a synonym of it before proceeding further
      [removed] To determine whether the situation described is accurate
     [removed] To determine whether the premises are true before continuing
  [removed] To determine whether the conclusion proceeds from the premises
       To determine that there are only two premise statements in the syllogism



 Question 11.11. (TCOs 1, 2)  Solving a dilemma involves realizing what aspect of it? (Points : 5)

      [removed] You will never be satisfied that the right choice was made
    [removed] Some choices of action are more realistic than others

[removed] In deciding to choose one action, the other possible choices will be lost
    [removed] Not everybody involved will be happy with the choice
   [removed] There may be significant personal costs to choosing


Question 12.12. (TCOs 1, 2, 7)  Where did Thomas Aquinas say that conscience originates? (Points : 5)

    [removed] Through the hard work of reasoning
     [removed] Direct gift  from God in all cultures through natural law
      [removed] An a  priori source

 [removed] By observing the objects and actions of the world
     [removed] An empirical response of guilt for past actions




Question 13.13. (TCOs 2, 8) The rule or principle to be applied in making decisions is an example of which kind of ethical discovery process? (Points : 5)

      [removed] Principle of utility
  [removed] A  posteriori rationality
      [removed] A  priori rationality

      [removed] Empirical rationality
 [removed] Scientific method




Question 14.14. (TCOs 1, 2, 5)  Thomas Hobbes' term for the tendency of life in society to be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short" was called what? (Points : 5)


      [removed] Uncivilized

    [removed] Survival of the fittest
   [removed] Pre-historic
      [removed] The state of nature
      [removed] The veil of ignorance


Question 15.15. (TCOs 3, 6, 7) Kant's concern that people choose to observe universal laws as their duty is expressed through what actions? (Points : 5)

      [removed] Their habits
      [removed] Their maxims
 [removed] Their desires
     [removed] Their loves

 Their loyalties


Question 16.16. = (TCOs 2, 7, 8) Aristotle’s Ethics of Virtue have found modern application for business and industry through what practice? (Points  5)

      [removed] Resolution models applications<= /label>
       Goals and objectives
      [removed] Core values of organizations
      [removed] Business models
  [removed] Professional codes of discipline


Question 17.17. (TCOs 2, 8)  Professional codes of ethics and conduct provide what benefit for individuals who aspire to join t he professions? (Points : 5)

   [removed] Scholarships of financial assistance
     [removed] Background checking
     ;[removed] Examples of ethical violations
     [removed] Guidance to professional schools of the examination requirements for licensing
      [removed] Assurance of employment and salary standards

Question 18.18. (TCOs 2, 7)  Aristotle's Ethical Doctrine of the Mean measured personal virtues on a scale that included the virtue itself, the excess of it, and the deficiency of it If the virtue is COURAGE and the deficiency is COWARDICE, what is the excess?

(Points : 5)


      [removed] Wisdom
   [removed] Moderation
     [removed] There is no excess
  [removed] Love


Question 19.19. (TCOs 8, 9)  In personal or organizational conflict, what benefits accrue to all parties when a leader or consultant employees one of the ethical conflict resolution models of Week 6? (Points : 5)

  [removed] Objectives of what winning the conflict means get refined and better understood
     [removed] Conflict management gets slowed down and settled.
    [removed] Conflict can be handled in a sequential, step-by-step manner
     [removed] Parties can be reconciled  without solving the issues
   [removed] Personal relationships can be separated from issues


Question 20.20. (TCOs 1, 2)  The Latin term  a priori describes the o= rigin of knowledge developed rationally, and the term  a posteriori describes knowledge developed through observation and experience. What is an example of ethics is best described as discovered in a= n a priori manner? (Points : 5)


      [removed] Utilitarian ethics    

 [removed]Objectivist ethics
       Deontological ethics
       Political ethics
      [removed]Scientific ethics



1. (TCOs 1, 2, 3, 7) In support of TCO #7 and in the Week 7 discussions, you developed an= d placed into the threaded discussions your personalized ethics statement o= f what has become important to you in the practice of ethics as you have practiced ethics during the course. Your first task in this question is to briefly present that personalized statement in just a few sentences before continuing with the question. Much of the rest of the exam will involve your working with that= personalized statement through brief applications and cases.

Use your ethical philosophy to solve the following ethical situation. Explain how your philosophy helped you make your decision.

Given the continuing threat that nuclear weapon= s pose for humanity and the global environment, is it ever ethically accept= able for scientists to engage in research and development work on such weapons?

Discuss the conditions, if any , under which it would be acceptable. 

Explain and defend you= r position, and then explain how your ethical philosophy helped you or affected how you answered this question.



3.3. (TCOs 1, 7, 9) How do= you feel St. Thomas Aquinas would have solved the above eth= ical situation differently or the same as you did using your philosophy? Pl= ease explain the reasons for the similarities or differences. (Points: 40)  



Question 6.6. (TCOs 6, 8) Analyze your answer above using the Front Page of = the Newspaper ethical dilemma resolution model. Show your steps. (Points: 40




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