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You  must have access to audio/video recording equipment (a  microphone/webcam, camcorder with digital file capabilities, or cell  phone with a high-quality camera/microphone) to complete this  assignment.


Present  the PowerPoint presentation designed in Assignment 3.  As a reminder,  the content should focus on some aspect of social media use in the  workplace.  Potential examples include the importance of companies  embracing social media, advertising through social media, policies  involving social media, proper professional communication through social  media platforms, or any number of other angles.

The presentation must be submitted using one of the following methods:

  1. Recorded live narration of the PowerPoint slides. 
  2. A  video recording of the student presenting the presentation (submitted  in an appropriate video format like .mov / .mp4 and uploaded to  the OneDrive). 
  3. A  video link uploaded to YouTube and submitted through Blackboard (links  that do not work at the time of grading will be scored as a 0). 
  4. A scheduled live presentation to the instructor (subject to schedule availability).  

The PowerPoint presentation must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Content: 
    1. Address some aspect of social media in the workplace. 
    2. Present in a clear, logical manner. 
    3. Include the PowerPoint presentation from Assignment 3. 
    4. Be appropriately paced. Total time should not exceed ten minutes in length. 
    5. Assume your target audience is familiar with the overall concept of social media. 
  2. Delivery: 
    1. Follow the professional presentation requirements from Chapter 12 (pages 202-224) in  BCOM7
    2. Clearly deliver the presentation content (audio). 
    3. Wear  appropriate professional attire (if using video option) and provide  high resolution audio (if using narrated PowerPoint option). 

My inputs:

You can  either add a voice over to the power points or do a  video recording of yourself  presenting the power points.

To record voice over/narration to the power point slides, please check out the following links:




Narration must be done in a males voice no exceptions.

Using the power point presentation attached below.

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