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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this assessment students will be able to demonstrate:

•awareness of the framework of relevant legal requirements governing engineering activities and understanding of the need for a high level of professional and ethical conduct in engineering.
•knowledge of career development opportunities and consideration of individual action to develop own career.

Allocation of marks

This assessment accounts for 30% of the total module mark. This assessment will be marked in accordance with the presented marking scheme.


The assessment is to be completed individually and submitted electronically via the assessment page on Blackboard. The assessment will be given out in week 4 of teaching.

The schedule for the completion of the portfolio assignments is as follows:

Hand in date

Mark Allocation

4pm, Thursday 10th December 2015



Individual feedback will be provided electronically through Blackboard within the duration stipulated in accordance with university regulations.


All references should be given using the numbered referencing system, or an alternative appropriate and recognised referencing style. Examples will be given in class and on the EN0576 eLP site.

Please refer to Assessment folder on the module eLP page for further information regarding assessment and feedback, referencing and academic integrity.

Academic Misconduct

Students should be aware that when submitting assessed work that the work is their own and that it fully acknowledges the work and opinions of others. For further clarification students should read the latest version of the Assessment Regulations for Northumbria Awards. These can be found on the Northumbria University website.


To demonstrate your ability to review and then communicate information, produce a document to convince a reader about the benefits of a recent advancement in your discipline.

Choose one of the following topics to review as a possible career opportunity and explain the reasons for its selection. Within your chosen topic it is expected that you will select one area to focus on as a recent advancement as the strict word limit will not allow you to consider the whole subject area in detail.

2- Domestic Renewable Energy
3-Smart Materials
4- Unmanned Vehicles
5- Energy Recovery Systems
6-Rapid Prototyping
7- Production Methods
8- Design Techniques

Review the literature on your chosen topic and write a persuasive piece of no more than one A4 side (max 500 words). Please use font type Times New Roman with a minimum font size of 11 and a minimum single line spacing. Identify and comment on any key legislation, codes or standards which may have (or had) an impact on the advancement in the area of your chosen topic.

All literature used must be referenced using the numbered referencing system. The reference list should be submitted as part of the main text but on a separate page (fresh page) and it would not count towards the one A4 page limit. Write in a style appropriate to the Engineering Discipline e.g. avoid personal opinion, be clear and concise and avoid colloquialisms. This work should be completed individually.

Submit your work using the Turnitin “view/complete” link shown on the assessment page in Blackboard.

Mark scheme


•Demonstrate individual consideration for personal career


•Clear argument put forward to convince the reader about the benefits of your chosen advancement.


•Consideration of appropriate codes, legislation or standards.


•Appropriate technical writing style.


•A range of sources correctly referenced

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