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Health Information Management Systems
Order Description
I require a work experience essay on the subject of Health Information Management Systems. The paper needs to reflect my standard knowledge of Healthcare Information
Management Systems with subject matter contained within a Health Information Mgmt Systems (HIMS) CD that I could upload. Because this is a personal work experience
essay I do not require sources/references or work citations. However I will upload a template of expectations and have entered my comments in bold.
Generic Summary of Prior Learning
This information provides the evaluator with an introduction to your learning. In the interview the evaluator will ask you questions to grant credit for prior
learning. If necessary you and the evaluator may agree on further methods of demonstrating your learning including a written essay. I need to work with you to
understand and focus on the areas you will be writing about so that I may speak of them during my interview with my evaluator.
Identify whether you have an introductory or an advanced level of understanding. I have a standard level of knowledge on HIMS.
How learning was gained:
List (or attach training documents for) any training programs you have taken in the area. Give the approximate dates and length of each workshop/class/seminar. I will
be training on the HIMS CD while you are writing the essay. I will add dates and length of my time later. Please express I studied the CD in order to take a
certification on HIMS. I will be taking the certification exam in the future; however this essay is meant to explain on knowledge on this subject.
What learning was gained:
If someone asked you to do prepare a table of contents for a book about what you know about this topic what would be listed? You could list a little bit of info from
each of the modules/areas you will write about. There are 9 modules in all.
4. etc
4. What competencies have you acquired in learning about this subject? You could include standard competencies that would be gained based on the HIMS CD.
5. What challenges have you faced in learning about this subject? We could talk about this but maybe you could add some standard challenges that are faced in the
subject of HIMS.
6. List any books or articles you have read about this subject (or other resources such as software or videos). The only resource I read was the HIMS CD that I will

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