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Part 1 of 2 – Identifications
Identify 10 of the 20 terms below (5 points each). Each ID should include the following:

a) who/what (identify/define the term – 1 point)
b) when (include the time period, dates, etc. – 1 point)
c) where (include all significant geographical areas associated with and important to the term – 1 point)
d) why (discuss the significance of the term to Middle East history -2 points)

1) Balfour Declaration
2) capitulations
3) Muslim Brotherhood
4) Huda Sharaawi
6) Twelver Shi’ism
7) Kemalism
8) Yasir Arafat
9) Orientalism
10) Ayatollah Khomeini
11) Gaza Strip
12) The d’Arcy Oil Concession
13) Tanzimat
14) The Arab Revolt
15) Anwar Sadat
16) The Kurds
17) Algiers
18) Suez Can

19) Oslo Accords
20) Iran-Iraq War

Question 2 of 2

50.0 Points


1) How did the Ottomans do it? For this essay, please discuss at least 5 reasons you believe the Ottoman Empire remained intact for over 600 years. Provide historical evidence to support your assertions.

2) Discuss the rise and development of Islamic political and/or social organizations in the Middle East since WWI. For this essay, please focus on at least 3 different organizations in at least 2 different countries. Be sure to include in your essay a discussion of the catalyst for the organization’s founding, the goals of the organization, and its contribution to the history of the countries where it is active.

3) The entangling relationship between the West and the Middle East has directed much of the history of the Middle East since WWI. For this essay, please choose one Western country and one Middle Eastern nation and discuss the history of their relationship. Your essay should analyze at least three significant events in this relationship and show how they changed the course (or hindered change) of the history of your chosen country.

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