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Global competitive landscape for the organisation refer to the five competitive forces 
• Describe and justify the use and purpose organisation mission and vision statements 

• Resource & capabilities application 

• Analyse the internal and external environment with a SWOT analysis; 

• Application of strategy (business or corporate) 

• Analyse the various businesses level strategy, corporate level and/or a new corporate or business level strategy.


1. Five competitive forces for Cochlear on a global competitive landscape

Porter’s five forces:

According to Michael Porter, the five forces that create an impact on the proper running of the business process of the organizations can be:

Threat to new entry

The company is the leading manufacturer of the implantable hearing devices industry and has been able to gain a good reputation in the global deaf community by providing effective and safe products (Gollan et al., 2014). This makes the industry harder to enter by new companies.  

Threat to substitute

The Government backed trails of most of the developing countries including India, have been gearing up to manufacture and produce the hearing devices at a much cheaper rate. This could be the main reason for increasing the competitiveness in the market (Fraser et al., 2015).

Industry rivalry

Nurotron, a Chinese company has been gearing up to gain huge market share on the global basis where the company has been producing cheaper products in the market which is almost half the price of what Cochlear is producing (Berketa et al., 2013).

Bargaining power of buyers

The demand for the medical products for the company comes from the various medical companies, affluent individuals, and government organizations (Kitterick et al., 2014). Hence, there is a potential market for the company in the middle to upper income groups without the needs of any governmental help.

Bargaining power of suppliers

As a manufacturing company, the company requires the send their works to the suppliers. Owing to the low customization of the production, the company has a less power in bargaining with the suppliers.   


2. Mission and vision statements of Cochlear

The mission of the Cochlear is to innovate and create a product in the market, which could transform the procedures for the treatment of hearing losses (Sorkin, 2013). The range of the hearing impairments as manufactured by the company would be helping in providing implantable hearing solutions for delivering the lifetime of the outcomes relating the disability in hearing. The vision of the company is to have the clinical team and recipients for embracing the company as their partners.

3. Resource and capabilities application




Increasing the productivity and profitability of the company for both the short and long term

Management board

Supervising the production and management of the manufacturing proves of the products


Enhancing the profitability and productivity of the company by implementing the purchasing and procurement


Implementing the target of the orders such that to execute the manufacturing process within the estimated timeline


Investing on the procurement related to the manufacturing process that is required to produce quality products  


Supplying with the materials required for the products ion of quality products


The FDA authority to implement regulations and  policies that could be governing the business processes of the company

Table 1: Resources and capabilities for the Cochlear

Source: Created by author

4. Internal and external environment with SWOT analysis

Internal analysis


The company is the leading manufacturing company of the hearing devices in the market and is a recognized innovator in the niche related to the high technology within which it operates.


The company lacks an appropriate strategy that could help in exploiting on taking the advantages form the external opportunities and overcoming the external threats being imposed to the company.

External analysis


The analysis of the key activities of the value chain helps in providing the opportunities to understand the external trends, which helps in affecting the specific activities of the firm.


The Cochlear Company belongs the medical technology industry and hence, is required to be governed by the regulations of the Australia Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (da Costa et al., 2014). There have been several issues which the company has been facing related to the use of technology to aid the hearing disability in the community. The major issue rose when the FDA issues notification of the connection with the hearing impairment with the meningitis. 


5. Application of strategy

The strategic mission as applied to the business process of the company would be helping in creating a unique intent and scope for its operations in the market. In addition, the implementation of the innovative business strategy would be indicating the stakeholders of the company to get a glimpse of its business objectives which it needs to accomplish in the future (Gollan et al., 2014). The efficient strategy as implemented within the business environment would be reflecting on the individuality of the company, which helps in revealing its leadership quality. The unique strategy as implemented by the company would be helping in distinguishing it form the other competitor companies in the market.

6. Various strategies of Cochlear

Business level strategy

Business level strategy for the company is to implement the latest technology in the manufacturing of the hearing impairment devices. In order to implement the latest technology, the company needs to evaluate its R&D activities (Fraser et al., 2015). Moreover, the company is also looking to market its functional activities such that to manufacture its products laced with the latest technology, which could be helping the patients to regain the hearing loss. The company is also planning to improve on its financial health by analysing the financial ratios, profitability, advantages, liquidity, return from the shareholders, and related activities for improving its financial status (Hanson, 2016).

Corporate level strategy

The corporate level strategy for the company is to initiate the strategic growth in the market such that to improve on its end to end customer experience. The company is implementing the “direct to customer” engagement strategy by utilizing a professional approach in order to help strengthen the relationship with the customers (Fraser et al., 2015). The strengthening of the relationship with the customers would enable the company to get an opportunity to establish a customer care for the patients after the surgery of the cochlear implant.  Moreover, the company is also planning to make contracts with the professional partners such that to establish clinics and care centers.   



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