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Access the following to complete this Assessment:

For this Work Product Assessment, you will design a preschool environment to meet the physical, social-emotional, and cognitive/language development needs of preschool children. You will also be assessed on the Professional Skills of Written Communication, Technology, and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. You are strongly encouraged to use the Academic Writing Expectations Checklist when completing this Assessment.

Your response to this Assessment should:

  • Reflect the criteria provided in the Rubric.
  • Adhere to the required length.
  • Conform to APA style guidelines. You may use Walden Writing Center’s APA Course Paper Template.

This Assessment requires submission of three (3) documents. Save these files as follows:

  • Save Part I as PR003_Part I_firstinitial_lastname(for example, PR003_PartI_J_Smith).
  • Save Part II as PR003_Part II_firstinitial_lastname.
  • Save Part III as PR003_Part III_firstinitial_lastname.

When you are ready to upload your completed Assessment, select Submit Attempt.

Complete Parts I, II, and III to design a developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor preschool environment that supports children’s physical, social-emotional, and cognitive and language development. You are encouraged to use the Preschool Learning Environment Checklist, provided as a guide to organize the environment and offer examples of what should be included in a developmentally appropriate environment. To complete this Assessment, you must create a tangible product (e.g., a brochure, PowerPoint presentation, electronic portfolio) to illuminate how the indoor and outdoor preschool environment supports children’s physical, social-emotional, and cognitive and language development.

Part I: Physical Development

Design and describe aspects of the environment that support the physical development of preschoolers. Include the following:

  • Descriptions of indoor and outdoor spaces of your preschool environment
  • Examples of schedules and transitions
  • Examples of small- and large-group activities

Explain how your design, schedules, transitions, and small- and large-group activities support the physical development of all children, including children with special needs and English language learners.

Part II: Social-Emotional Development

Create and describe structures and activities that support the social-emotional development of preschoolers.

Explain how the structures/activities:

  • Support positive relationships among children, families, and teachers.
  • Foster respect for gender identity, cultural and racial identity, initiative, friendship, and prosocial behaviors.
  • Encourage appropriate learning about feelings.
  • Support children’s character development, resilience, and the ability to cope with stress.

Part III: Cognitive and Language Development

Create and describe structures and activities that support the cognitive and language development of all children, including children with special needs and English language learners.

Explain how the structures/activities support:

  • Preschoolers’ cognitive development
  • Preschoolers’ language and literacy development

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