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Question 1
Which of the following features are you likely to find in a word-processing program?
A. Address book 
B. Stylus 
C. Thesaurus 
D. Filters 

Question 2
What type of software would a writer use to produce a slide show for a meeting?
A. Database application 
B. Presentation application 
C. Spreadsheet application 
D. Personal information application 

Question 3
Although spell checkers are useful for identifying misspelled words, they cannot distinguish:
A. words that are spelled correctly but used incorrectly 
B. troublesome words that are misspelled 
C. homonyms that are misspelled 
D. synonyms that are misspelled 

Question 4
Which of the following is a true statement about e-mail?
A. E-mail changes only the message. 
B. E-mail changes only the way the message is delivered. 
C. E-mail changes both the way the message is delivered and the message. 
D. E-mail does not change the way the message is delivered and the message. 

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